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"There is no such thing as a free lunch" is a common known "rule" in life, but there sure are some meals that are cheaper than others !

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Bookmakers do not always present correct odds. Sometimes the odds presented on a given event can vary very much with different bookmakers. Some bookmakers fancy the home team, others fancy the away team, and some even the draw. This is something punters can take advantage of. By adding the inverse of the odds offered on H, D and A, we are able to calculate the spread tax of the actual event.


Home team Away team 1 X 2
AS Roma Leeds United 1.90 (Alpenland) 3.60 (Darwin) 5.75 (Darwin)

The best odds offered on 1/X/2 are Alpenland's 1.90, Darwin's 3.60 and Darwin's 5.75. When Alpenland offer 1.90 for the home win, it means that a bet of 1$ gives a 1.90$ return.

As a result, a bet of 0.53$ gives a 1$ return ( 1 / 1.90 = 0.53).
For the draw, a bet of 0.28$ gives a 1$ return
(1 / 3.60 = 0.28)
For the away win, a bet of 0.17 $ gives a 1$ return
(1 / 5.75 = 0.17)

If we add all these bets (0.53 + 0.28 + 0.17) we get 0.98.
Thus, you need to bet 0.98$ in order to get a 1$ for sure.

If we take the inverse of 0.98 (1 / 0.98 =1.02) you'll see that for every 1 $ you bet, you will get 1.02 $ back !!

In other words, a totally risk-free bet !!!

Note: The calulation is made without including any taxes or other expenses (like the fees for transferring money). In order to make use of this kind of betting, you need accounts with several bookmakers, and a quite a considerable funds available because even though it's a sure bet, you will lose your stake at two of the bookies, and win at the third. Thus you may go broke in some of your accounts, and if you need to deposit money frequently, the transfer fees will outweigh the small advantage you gain on this type of betting. Not all bookmakers accept singles either.

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