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There are lot's of programs available which can help you sort all the information you gather. But be ware of computer programs which are supposed to calculate the teams form. Many of these programs seem to put too much weight on a big victory, producing a "false" form rating.
If a team wins 5-0 in a game, and they've lost their 3 previous games, it's too early to conclude with a turn of form. Only when teams have been performing well in several games, we can say that a team is "in form".

It's often more important to check your objects 5 latest games. First check the results, then check the opposition. Was the previous games against tough opposition ? Had the opposition been playing well for some time at the time? Was it a marginal victory with slices of luck in it? Did the opposition get players sent off ? Harsh referreing desicions ? Did your team play well in previous games, but did not have the little luck needed to beat assumed better teams ?

Listen to match reports, they often produce useful information for punters. It's important not to look at the results only, but identify tha happenings behind the result. This is the info that punters use to identify value bets, and teams on the way up or down. Find the trends, and use them well. Teams are often on several bad runs and good runs during a season. Teams rarely lose and win every other game. No, teams often lose several in a row, and then win seferal in a row. We must identify these periods before the bookmakers do.

Note that the bookmakers are using the form factor quite heavily when determining their odds. League tables and form is the major criterias used by the bookies.

For punters, it is important to identify tems "on the way up" earlier than the bookies, thus we get better odds. In order to beat the bookie we need to know something the bookie does not know. We must gather info from several sources. TV, newspapers, internet ezines, etc.

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