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Review: Centrebet


The review and verdict below represent the subjective views of the reviewer at the date of the review. Most likely this opinion will change over time, as bookmakers change their services from time to time. The verdicts should not be regarded as a common views of this bookmaker. Everybody must make up their own opinion about who they are dealing with. can not guarantee the correctness of the informaton mentioned in the review.

Opening account

Easy to open account. Done on the web in no time. You can not choose the ID, but you can choose your own password. You can chose the currency in which you want to place your bets (and collect your winnings). They will send a Welcome Email that advises new clients of their client number and a range of information on using their betting account.


Centrebet is probably the best bookmaker around when it comes to payout routines. Instant payouts by credit card, a few days wait by cheque. Bank settlements normally within 72 hours. Normally wins are credited your account very quick indeed (so that you can spend it on another bet:). I make use of my credit card when I bet at Centrebets, and have never experienced any trouble. Normal creditcard fees apply, and are paid by the customer (still only 1%). I've seen bookies who take care of the fees for the customers though. Something to think about? No emailed confirmation about your deposits. Should be implemented. Only a thin 9 rating.


OK navigation. The site is reasonably functional and easy manuverable. Much better after the new site was launched. However, things can get better in this department as well...


Having renewed their site quite considerably lately, Centrebet now has a much better design than on the original site. Still makes use of frames, but the site now loooks much more accomplished.

Graphics Speed

Not too much graphics, which is a good thing. The few graphic buttons on the site fit in well, and it looks allright

Bet Procedure

The betting procedure has improved very much from their old site. Now you can easily choose to bet singles or parleys. After picking a game, the procedure is simple, and works well. Choose wether to play singles or parleys, then enter the desired betting amount. After having presed a button you're asked to confirm your bets, and this is the final confirmation. I would prefer less clicking before I get my bet confirmed, but still an improvement from the first site.


Claims to answer emails within 24 hours. Try send email to your "local" dept first, not the main office in Australia. For the Nordic countries, Centrebet has an office in Denmark. Several languages on the site is a major plus. Offer free phone-in numbers in the Scandinavian countries. Easy to make profile changes on the website (change creditcard details, adress, etc)


Server problems should be eliminated now that Centrebet has switched to a better system. Withdrawals quickly processed, never heard of any big disputes with customers, all in all a very healthy reputtion indeed. Centrebet looks like a professional bookmaker.


Best in the market on odds for draws. Also very high odds on the underdogs. Claims to operate with a profitmargin of just 11%, which is among the best in business. In the later months, the odds on favourites have been lowered, in my humble opinion. Centrebet often change their odds, which is bad from a punters point of view. Visit their site early on Mondays in order to get the best odds, as the best odds are very likely to change during the week. Centrebet are very early with their odds, which is very good. Singles on all games. The rapid changing of the odds is annoying, though.

Event on offer

Large number of events. Everything from soccer to academy awards. All major European leagues. Even offer soccer lines down to low national level. They listen to wishes from the public, and implemented the lines if they think it's worth while. The best in class in this criteria.


Good score. After the nescessary update of server capacity, and the launch of the new site, Centrebet has a much improved service. Centrebet is a well known bookmaking company, and with their latest improvements, their service is very good indeed. The total impression is that this is a solid bookmaker, never any fuss with them. You get your money when you order it, the odds are good (only 11% profitmagin). Good transaction facilities, quick payouts and deposits possible. Offer a large number of events. Should get rid of (or at least moderate) their constant oddslashing. It's almost impossible to know what they are offering as the odds changes very rapidly. However, this is a direct consequence of the large number of events they are offering. It's impossible for a bookie to keep updated in all the events they offer, therefore complex algorithms regulate the odds when. Thus favourite odds are very often slashed quickly. I have no problems recommending Centrebet. Written by Terje Grefstad 12.09.2003

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