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Note: All under advertising plans are under review and will be changed slightly to fit he new design of the site. have several options for advertising. Normally we provide fixed spot advertising on the site, or a rotation banner system.  Payments are normally a fixed sum for a fixed period , a certain sum per banner exposure , or a fixed sum pre-defined number of clicks on the banner. For the time being Bettingadvice will accept no more than 6 main advertisers totally on the site (rotating 468x60 and 728x90 banners)

Fixed advert spot

If you want your advert to be connected with a particular page or section of the site,  and do not want to have your advert rotated in a pool of other banners, this should be your choice. Your ad will show even if the user hits the reload button.  No other banners will "interfer" on your banner spot (you can ofcourse have several of your own banners to be shown on this spot). The disadvantage is that your banner will not be shown on all our pages, thus the number of times your ad is displayed will perhaps not be maximised. We do not offer this option for 728x90 banners on he top of the site, but if you insist on sponsoring a certain page on the site, we will ofcourse help you out.


Advertising plans

We have 6 advertising plans:
Plan 1:

Only 5 main advertisers at Bettingadvice can run 728x90 banners. Each of these will have their banner rotated top of ALL pages at

A longer deal (more than 6 months up to 1 year) qualifies for discounts. Prices upon request.

For more info, and pricing, please contact

Plan 2: 

Our forum,  is very busy, and we can offer a very good advertising spot on the top of the forum, in 468x60 format. This ad is fixed, meaning it is not rotated in any way with other advertisers. We can also offer 120x60 ads in the forum.

Plan 3:

This is a very good plan for exposure. You get a fixed 200x200 banner high to the left on ALL pages on The banner is normally NOT rotated with other advertisers. Sometimes, due to high demand, we may sell this plan as a rotated spot, but if so at much lower prize

Plan 4:

This is an excellent plan on We have 2 banners, 468x60 on the Prediction pages, upper half of the page, below the Statistics and the New Picks overviews, and just below the New Picks overview. Example:

More than 80% of the total traffic on the mainsite is going to the Prediction pages, so it is a very visible advertising spot. We recommend running “live” banners with constantly updated future matches in this spot.

This can be bought as a fixed advertising spot (non-rotated), or in rotation with other advertisers (at a reduced price).

Plan 5:

This is also a very good plan, located in our busy forum at From the total traffic at, around 60% is directed to the forum, and 40% to the mainsite with subpages (www).

A 500x30 banner with text link located in the topic thread pages as seen on

You can chose from one of the two 500x30 on offer, or both. If both, the total prize will be discounted. These banners are NOT rotated.

Plan 6:

Big 160x600 banner (or 120x600 depending on your preferences), placed in the right hand sidebar in the forum at

There are normally 2 or 3 banners of this format, placed above eachother.

None of these banners are rotated

For more info, and pricing, please contact


Rotation policies

All banners are roated on top and bottom of all pages.  For advertising plan 1, each advertiser will have at least 16.7% of the total banner impressons (1/6). In case of fewer than 6 advertisers, more banner impressions will go to the remaining advertisers.
For the text ads, these are fixed on the right of every subpage on Bettingadvice.


Banner size

All advertisements on must be either 728x90 pixels, 200x200, 500x30 or 120x60 pixels, or button size (maximum 88x31 pixels). It is recommended, but not strictly enforced, that you keep the file size as small as possible (preferably under 15 Kb).  Animated GIF banners are acceptable. We prefer not to serve Flash banners. If you have any other questions, just ask, we are pretty flexible.

We can also offer "skyscrapers", 120x600 or 160x600. For prices use the contact form or email 

Advertisment content                                is a site for people interested in sports betting, thus banner adverts for related services to sports betting should target the audience well.
The content of the advertisement is up to the advertiser, although we reserve the right to reject any ad based solely on our discretion. Banners with adult content is ofcourse not allowed.


What is an exposure?

An exposure refers to each time your image or alt text is displayed to a web browser. This is how almost all advertising places on the web charge, and it is a more accurate measurement than a click-through, since the click-throughs per exposure ratio vary depending on the appeal of the ad and how targeted your audience is. If a reader visits a page, then surfes on to another pages, and then returns to the first visited page, then this will count as a new exposure.


Bettingadvice offer advertising based on the terms mentioned above. We have fixed prices, but can also enter into combined deals with revenue share and flat fees. We do not do CPM, CPA; etc.

We prefer fixed prices on our advertising space. Often we are willing to discuss a lower fixed price in exchange for a life-long "ownership" (typically 25% revenue share) of the customers we refer to our advertisers. For prices on the advertising, and special advertising packets, please contact:,




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 Pinnacle Sports
-Great bookie, offer superb odds (low margins), very high limits, does not slash winning customers. Probably the most reliable sportsbook on the net.  OK,  I'll give Pinnacle Sports a try!

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- owned by the Partygaming group, a very solid and trustworthy bookie. Offer great odds, and a nice 100% up to 20 EUR bonus!
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Join the 1.5 million registered customers worldwide. Enjoy greatest odds and greatest offers! Solid and reliable company. Been on the net for a long time. Scandinavian origin.
I'll try Expekt!

The earliest odds on the net! Offers high limits on the widest selection of sport events. Check out their best odds on Asian Handicaps & Over/Under. Want more- you get 10% bonus on first deposit!
I'll try 10Bet!

Fantastic offers and odds, espescially for US sports like baseball, basket and hockey. Superb customer service, reliable payouts, known to accept BIG wagers. A sportsbook in the Pinnacle mould
Let me try 5Dimes!

New Nordic bookie. Solid owners, very good odds. Offer unrivalled customer service (pay guarantee for slow service). LARGE betting offer.
I'm curious on BetSafe!

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Must-have bookie

This HIGHLY recommended bookmaker has grown in popularity since its launch in 2001 due to it's ease of use and variety of markets. Infact, they have grown immensly, and is now among the biggest bookies in the business. Bet365 offers prices on most European and American leagues as well as a plethora of other sports. One of BA's most used bookies, alongside Pinnacle, due to their superb number of events, and excellent allround capabilities. Bet365 features in-running betting for fixed odds and asian handicap on televised games. Get your BET365 account and read more here

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BET365 offer a 100% signup bonus for new clients!!

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