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Opening account

Opening an account has never been made easier! Simply visit, click on "Signup!" and enter the required fields. Signup is a quick proceedure and few questions are asked, they don't ask for your bank details or any other lengthy information at signup. after signing up you will be logged and view options on making your first deposit. After you have completed the signup process, CRIS will send you an email with your PIN and chosen password. All in all a very SEAMLESS PROCESS!


CRIS have a wide range of deposit options, ranging from VISA/Mastercard, Firepay, Neteller, Phone deposits, Instacash, Prepaid ATM, E-checks (Citadel), 900pay, Person to Person, Western Union, Bank Wire, Cashiers Check and International Money order. Visa/Mastercard deposits have no fee's whatsoever! I have personally deposited with VISA at BetCRIS and have never had any problems, whilst many bookmakers seem to have problems handling VISA deposits. In regards to withdrawals, you can withdraw via cashier's check, wire transfer or Western Union. Customers have their cashout process initiated the same day. For example, i phoned in to request my cashout via wire transfer and it was handled instantly by the clerk, the wire transfer was received in 3 days, this was not a small withdrawal (5 figures). For withdrawing with a wire transfer, Western Union and Checks you must call CRIS, however you can fillout online forms to withdraw via Credit Card/Neteller/Firepay. Only drawback is the fee's for wire transfers.


In terms of navigation, BetCRIS's website surely has to be one of the best (for bookmakers) to date! You can view odds without logging in, just visit the main page and the list of events are viewable, with odds and starting time. They also provide stats and scores with their partner website They have a huge online FAQ database, which provides answers to every question you could possibly have. When logging in you will be confronted with the main page which provides general account information, Total Balance, Amount at Risk, Available Balance, This Week's win/loss figure, Last Week's win/loss figure (which is a very useful statistic). Then menu is seperated in a top half and bottom half, which doesn't clog up the page with scripts but provides a fast loading option. On the top menu you will be able to choose the bet type you want to place (straight, parlay etc..), on the bottom menu you can choose account options (Open Bets, History, Cashier, Loyalty, Scores etc..) BetCRIS also have an incorporated betting exchange, casino, poker and OFFICE POOLS!


BetCRIS has a very clean, fast loading design. They don't make use of many scripts, just static HTML and optimized graphics which provides this lightining fast interface! Unlike other bookmakers they don't clog their pages with extra useless information, they keep it plain/clean and simple! BetCRIS doesn't make use of many images and when they do, they are small in size, just take a look at their main page!

Graphics Speed

I answered this in the design section since its very similar. BetCRIS use optimized graphics to provide a fast loading interface and make good use of whatever graphics they decide to use.

Bet Procedure

Surely one of the easiest procedures i have ever used! Simply log into your account and select the type of bet you want to place from the top menu (Straight, Parlay (multi) etc..), Then select the sport, select the teams you would like to back, enter the amount and confirm the wager. 4 EASY STEPS! BetCRIS also offers 7 different bet types! The Maximum payout for any Parlay (Multi) is $150,000 USD dollars, whilst BetCRIS is renound for their high limits on sporting events, that is why they are favoured by PROFESSIONAL U.S punters! BetCRIS is a serious bookmaker for the serious punter! Only draw back here is that some may prefer to use the European "Bet Slip" system.


BetCRIS offers several easy ways to contact customer support, either VIA Livechat (operated 24/7/365), E-mail (usually replied to in under 1 hour) or 24/7 customer service via telephone! BetCRIS rarely has any downtime on their website and have incorporated new technology to stop the all common DDoS attack's..


BetCRIS are a very reliable company, they have been operating online since 1997. BetCRIS have showed their financial status by purchasing several LARGE bookmakers, to name a few, YABET and BETDSI. BetCRIS is regulated in Costa Rica, where laws are strict and the betting industry is regulated thoroughly, so you can be assured you will be payed on time! BetCRIS also guarantees that it would never boot out a winning customer nor limited the amount they can bet


BetCRIS surely offer some of the best odds on Soccer/Tennis/Handball and Euro Ice hockey, i guess these American sportsbook just don't know their European sports ;) You are also able to get really good odds on multi's. Odds for events are put up several days (3+) before the games start. The only drawback in regards to odds, is that they currently don't show odds in fractions/decimals, however they promise to add this functionality soon.

Event on offer

BetCRIS offers odds on Boxing, Golf, Tennis (ATP, WTA & Satellites), Cricket, Yachting, Nascar, Handball, Rugby, AFL, Soccer (A very long list, too long to write here), European Ice Hockey, NHL (alot of props!), NBA, NCAAB, MLB and more! If they don't have the event your looking for, simply email them and they will consider putting odds up for that specific event! BetCRIS has some of the largest range of props for American sports, simply unbelieveable!


BetCRIS slogan is: "Where The LIne Originates" BetCRIS should congratulate themselves on making sports betting a quick and easy process! BetCRIS is surely one of the movers in the online sportsbetting industry, they are buying out bookmakers, increasing their offers, payment options - you simply cannot ask more from a bookmaker! Their professionalism can be seen in all the services they offer, I fully recommend BetCRIS to the serious punter! You can't go wrong with them!

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