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Review: Expekt


The review and verdict below represent the subjective views of the reviewer at the date of the review. Most likely this opinion will change over time, as bookmakers change their services from time to time. The verdicts should not be regarded as a common views of this bookmaker. Everybody must make up their own opinion about who they are dealing with. can not guarantee the correctness of the informaton mentioned in the review.

Opening account

Easy,typical procedure. I think most of us are used to the way it looks. Basic data,simple forms to fill and we are ready to go. It wont take more then 2-3 minutes.


Expekt offers many possibilities to deposit and withdraw funds. We have credit/debit cards, Neteller, Moneybookers, Ukash, Bank Transfer and more and more popular and accessible in whole Europe paysafecard. While using deposit option by card I must highlight that 2.5% additional fee is charged by expect. Minimum deposit by card is 5 euros,which seems reasonable. If we choose Neteller we are restricted by rule that during withdrawal there will be 3.9% additional fee if we wont turnover whole previously deposited amount at least once. Minimum Neteller deposit is 10 euros. With Moneybookers,same like with Neteller,if we want to avoid additional charge whole amount must be rolled over at least once after deposit. Minimal deposit this way is 5 euros. Extremely convenient seems to be paysafecard,where there is no fees when depositing (withdrawal on bank account). Minimum deposit is just 1 euro,so paysafecard and Expekt seems to be great option for many less spending bettors. While using Ukash we must once again deal with additional charge on deposit,which is 3.5%. If we choose basic deposit method by bank transfer there is a nice surprise,usually we have at least few Expekt's bank accounts listed with local banks where we can deposit ,which makes whole process faster. Requested withdrawals on bank account usually are not taking long then 2-3 working days, which is decent.


Whole site looks pretty easy and accessible. Offer is on the left side,we have search and "my favourite" option what makes searching for favourite market or event much easier. Menu in the upper part of page moves us between casino, sports betting, live betting, poker,games, and bingo.


About design..well, there is nothing amazing,and nothing bad In it. Colours depend on personal preferences of any bettor.

Graphics Speed

New version of site experiences some quite annoying problems. I believe it will be fixed in near future,at least should be. Almost every session I experienced weird "logouts" without my will when for example creating betting slip or selecting more markets. Luckily no "surprises" during deposit or withdrawal process. I checked it on few computers and even mobile phone, same problem everywhere,so it is Expekt's fault.

Bet Procedure

It is nice and easy when we want to take a bet (unless some of problems mentioned in above section wont occur). Typically, from menu on the left we pick event,or events, create betting slip and confirm our selection. System allows us to browse comfortable between markets during whole process.


As far as my experience In betting tells me, this part of review depends on our location and local support provided by Expekt. As betting is now much more popular worldwide, bookmakers, and Expekt is not an exclusion, provide support in local language. Support with which I had to deal was decent. Though we should not expect answers in less then few hours/day on our emails. Some bookmakers advertise themselves that they answer almost immediately (up to 30 minutes) so this might annoy less patient customers. Luckily great livechat option is provided (in the bottom of the page we have small link, it should be more visible). Operator in livechat shows up and responds immediately so we can solve majority of our issues this fast and convenient way. Thats actually a really strong side of Expekt.


Scandinavian bookmakers always had good reputation as reliable and steady bookies. They are well known, have good reputation, payouts are fast and they have a lot of happy customers. There is totally nothing to be afraid of upon opening account. As an additional security procedure users most probably will be asked for ID scan and maybe few other documents like utility bill for example or scan of one side of credit card. It is actually a plus in my opinion, it is all for security of punters and makes both punters and bookmaker look more reliable in eyes of each other.


Well, odds are definitely not most attractive part of Expekt. They are decent, but in comparison with other bookmakers nothing to be proud of. Expekt can't be compared for example with Pinnacle or betting exchanges like Betfair in this part for sure.

Event on offer

Well, here we can experience nice variety of events including bandy, MMA, darts, cricket, floorball etc. So definitely it is one of the strongest parts of Expekt. Basically, we cant complain on anything regarding bettable events amount. Also quite many of the events are offered in live betting so it is an additional plus. If we mention that some of those events we can actually even watch live on a screen provided by Expekt it starts to look really impressive.


Expekt has been present on the net for a long time. They have earned a really good reputation from a lot of punters, therefore our final verdict can't be negative. It is a highly recommended bookmaker, both for starting and more experienced punters. Also,some of minor issues mentioned in review definitely will be improved, as the new look of their site is still fresh (november 2010). So, in conclusion, if you wonder where to deposit your funds , instead of trying some less known/unknown exotic bookmakers you should definitely pick Expekt. You will not be disappointed. Written 20.11.2010 by Kacpro

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Great bookie, offer superb odds (low margins), very high limits, does not slash winning customers. Probably the most reliable sportsbook on the net. Well known among sports punters for their ability and will to offer a fair product. Pinnacle will not hide. If you are good, you win. OK,  I'll give Pinnacle Sports a try!

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