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Opening account

GB! Good procedure. Very helpful and easy understanding pages guide you trough the process. Done in 3 min. You can choose your own userID and password which is good. You are not allowed to pick a password similar to your username. Good. You can enter your mobilphone number if you want SMS result service messages sent to you FREE of charge. This is excellent, and Gamebookers was the first company to offer this. You can ofcourse choose between a lot of currencies. Gamebookers have recently changed their registration procedure so you don't have to deposit in order to register. This is good. The registration process has become much better since my last review. Lately, they've also implemented an email confirmation to the registration, but the password is not sent in the mail for security reasons. Therefore Gamebookers have created the "lost password" page. A solid 9


GB! Offer betting in most currencies. Offer creditcard transactions, bank transfers, Western Union, Quickpay, PayPal, Paybox, Paysafecard, Neteller, and Webmoney, as well as E-gold and Moneybookers!!!! They now also offer 5% bonus on deposits trough Western Union and ALL bank wire transactions. And the latest is that they offer withdrawals through VISA Accept VISA, Eurocard, Mastercard and Diners, and many more. If you don't have a card that Gamebookers accepts, then you're now credit worthy :). Minimum 10 EUR of equivalent when depositing trough credit cards. Creditcard transfers are subject to 2% transfer fee on deposits (this was 3.5% in my last review, and infact 5% on the first review made on Gamebookers). Offer 128 bits SSL security on the site, which is good. Bank transfer take 2-7 days. Makes use of Deutsche Bank, and Chase Manhattan, among others. There is an increasing number of banks worldwide where you can deposit. Bank transfer costs are covered by customer. Minimum 10 Eur or equivalent on bank transfers. For cheques, the mimimum deposit allowed is 100 EUR or equivalent. Recently, cheques has been removed as a deposit option, but can still be used as a withdrawal option. Payouts can be done by creditcard, bank transfer or cheque, or, their most preferred option: Moneybookers.


GB! Framed site. Menu to the left makes it easy to navigate. The top frame holds login info, and info about the size of your account. At the bottom frame you have more options (bet slip, history, deposit/withdrawal options, etc.). The navigation is good, and well functioning.


GB! Delicious design ! It's made simple, yet very stylish. Actually this is the place to go to learn stylish design. Excellent !

Graphics Speed

GB! No heavy pics to hamper the download time. There are minor pics that sometime can take a while to download, but you've need something to freshen it up a bit also. I think this site has a good balance when using graphics. Not to little, not too much. Previously I've had some slow entries to their site, and this was not good. According to reports this was due to the 128 bit SSL encryption of the entire website. After talking to the staff at Gamebookers (thanks, Ben Terkov ! ), they have now removed some of the encryption on pages where it was not needed, and now the site speed has been improved a lot. Their rating is up from 6 to 8

Bet Procedure

GB! Very easy procedure. First pick games, then decide whether to play singles or combos. When you've added the bet to the betting slip, you'll see a new "box" which contains the info youæve just submitted, and where you can put your stakes. Easy to understand, works well. Provides a good account history, with information about every bet you take. You've got betting history, and open bets in the bottom frame for your convenience. Works very well. A bulk file for all leagues has been implemented, so you can see all the odds in one file. Good ! Also a new feature is the possibility to change the look of the odds, from decimal, to money line, to UK odds. Very good. In addition to all this, they've now implemented stats and news for teams, so you can check the lates standings directly from Gamebooker's site during the betting session. Superb! Sessions will expire if it takes too long between action taken on the site (usually several minutes). You will have to log on again if this happens. Personally I think this is a good feature. Rating up from 8 last time around, to 9 now.


GB! Their service crew, and their management staff are both quick to reply on emails, and are very friendly and helpful indeed. Gamebookers seems to be a creditable company and there is no reason to suspect their level of service to be under par. They've got a very good FAQ-section, and you can get answers to almost all your questions here. You can easily change your data in the Client data section. They've got a result section for your convenience. You can have results sent to your mobile phone by SMS for FREE (this is an exclusive service by Gamebookers). They have recently opened their Infoworld-section (sports news on site), and a Community-section (discussion groups for punters) and the brand new Soccer Stas section, where you will find in-depth soccer league- and team -statistics for 24 major Championships in 21 European countries !!! All in all, very good. Up from 8 in the last review to a solid 9 now.


GB! Gamebookers is rather new to me, and the company was registered in 1998, and is situated in Antigues, West Indies, (as alot of other sportsbetting companies). Antigua and Barbuda has deemed Internet Gaming to be a legitimate and legal business activity protected and supported under enacted legislation. The International Press recognises Antigua as the leader in regulating Internet gaming. The government is taking strong measures to establish a forward-thinking framework to secure online investing coupled with rigorous regulation. Gamebookers is licensed and regulated by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission and Government of Gibraltar. Since 2007 owned by Partygaming, which ensures solid funding and a professional approach. Our rating: 9/10


GB! As far as I've seen, Gambookers operate with a quite high oddscale, but the odds are slashed rather quickly, so you got to be an early bird to get the best odds. Another "problem" in my view, is the strict limits on certain games. Too low limits is probably the worst you can offer a customer, and in this department, Gamebookers need to improve. Down from 8/10 last timwe around to a mere 6/10 now.

Event on offer

GB! Offer odds on a lot of activities, not only soccer. Cover most soccer leagues though. Formula 1, icehockey, boxing, cycling, basketball, tennis, you name it, they've got it. Highly impressive soccer section, and if you can't find your favourite soccer league here, no other world wide bookie offer it either ! Also offer special bets for all matches (handicap, over/under, correct score, Asian Handicap, etc. Very good. Recently they started offering daily live odds on certain events, which is a popular feature. Up from 8 to a solid 9.


GB! Very high score, registration, graphics/server speed and service has been improved since last review. Also lower transaction fees (now only 1% on VISA/Mastercard), bulk file for easy view of all matches at once, and the possibility to change the appearance of the odds (money line, decimal, etc). Special bets for all soccer matches (over/under, goal score, handicap, Asian Handicap etc. Live odds, and above everything: swift payouts. Need to improve their odds scale, and the level of limits. Very often the limits are too low. This has got to improve. But overall Gamebookers is one of the best bookies around, and another must in your bookmaker portefolio. I'm impressed with what this bookie is offering. Good odds, fair service, lot's of events on offer, easy, usable website, very nice design, etc. The registration process has been improved lately, they've got a FREE SMS result service, and server speed has been enhanced due to more optimized security on the site (128 bit security has been removed where it's not required), and new services like Community (discussions),Infoworld (sports news) and Soccer Stats (statistics) have been added, in addition to Live odds, etc. This bookie looks very accomplished, and is a must in your bookmaker portefolio. Gamebookers have shown that they care about what their clients has to say about their service, and they've improved the site accordingly. Payouts now also via VISA transfer. Gamebookers is a highly recommended bookmaker. Sign up for Gamebookers now: Review date:05.07.2000, updated on 26.07.2001, 29.09.2000, 11.03.2001, 29.09.2001, 22.01.02 and 19.02.2005 by Terje Grefstad,

Grefstad (8/31/2012) Agreed. Very good bookie
Allan (8/30/2012) The best bookmaker around right now...

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Great bookie, offer superb odds (low margins), very high limits, does not slash winning customers. Probably the most reliable sportsbook on the net. Well known among sports punters for their ability and will to offer a fair product. Pinnacle will not hide. If you are good, you win. OK,  I'll give Pinnacle Sports a try!

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