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Opening account

Easy procedure. All registration stuff is done withing three steps, easy and simple. The user can choose his own username and password. Three mins (maximum) and it's done. You cannot change your major account details but you can always do that by sending e-mail to the Support Centre.


Interwetten accepts credit cards, usually takes some time (at least for me in Greece) and it has to be done manually in 99%. As long as the company has the authorization needed from the c/c, you can bet immediately. You cannot withdraw money TO your c/c, not because of the recent Visa rules (from Jan 1, 2004) but because it was always like that. Deposits can also be done by bank transfer but it takes some time to reach the target (around 5 days for Greece). Payouts are sent by check, or by bank wire which also takes time (5-7 days for Greece). When I ask for a withdrawal, I ask for it on Sunday night and get my money on Friday noon. But this is not because of the company, but because of the (Greek) banks which "lock" the money for sometime. Payouts under 300? requires transfer costs to be deducted from the customer's account and payouts over 300? are free of charge. I think they need some improvement on their payment methods, cause they can always use services such as Western Union or PayPal for people who don't mind using these options. After all, it's difficult time for betting today.


There is a menu to the left with all betting events available at the time of navigation. At the middle frame you can choose the leagues/events you want to bet on at a big list and a "printer friendly" version. On the right frame you can see your betting slip, where you can bet on singles, combos and systems at the same time. In general there is a big improvement at this sector from Interwetten, which I guess has helped a lot people who weren't familiar with betting companies. The new betting slip function is clearly inspired by Gamebookers, though, and it is brilliant! There are five languages there, English/German/French/Spanish/Greek. The most important fact is that you can easily place your bet in some seconds, I have done it within 28 sec - personal record (for a single bet of course).


The design is simple in general and the website rarely is "overloaded". In general is extremely simple, but "user-friendly" without effects and "heavy" features. Not impressive in general, just a simple website, but I guess this is the case.

Graphics Speed

The most important thing is that you can have a fast navigation, since sometimes we need to be. fast. There are not any graphics at all at the website and for sure you are not gonna have "a good time" spending there! But for sure you will be able to access the final betting slip and confirm your bet at no-time, because this site is fast.

Bet Procedure

This is the easy part. You pick the list of the events you want to bet at, then you pick the game/s from the list. You click on the left of the game(s) and then you "add" them at the betting slip. Very similar to Gamebooker's excellent procedure, and this is excellent as well. You decide whether you will bet on singles, combos or system bets at a very user-friendly betting slip. There is a detailed account history for almost two months, but don't try to find out if you had won last year when Chelsea met Liverpool! There is sadly no email confirmation of bets for your reference.


I have seen faster Customer Support departments, but one thing is for sure. there is no possibility of the Interwetten staff not answering your enquiry! I had some problems with my payout requests some years ago and they were calling me at my mobile to inform me and give me as much info as they could. At the end it was my (my bank's) mistake and not theirs! They are extremely friendly, maybe it will take some time to answer you (usually 30 mins to one hour), but you will never complain for them. The phone Customer Support has exactly the same characteristics, so I guess it's the same crew. Just need to be a little more quicker with the simple questions, after all we are not logged on all the time at the web.


When you are talking about reliability, then you can think of Interwetten. It's a well known bookmaker, no way to lose your money. Licensed in Austria, since 1989. Secure Site.


The past 6-8 months Interwetten has improved a lot with the odds. They are not the highest on the market, but on the other hand they offer big odds for the favourites (which is the main choice for all punters actually). The profit margin is still big, around 12% on soccer, which is average among bookmakers. The underdogs odds though are below average among bookies. You can win up to 10000? per bet, 20000? per customer per day and a maximum of 100000? per customer per week. The limits are not high, depends on the league and vary, but you can always contact the Customer Service and get higher limit for the game/event you want to bet at.

Event on offer

Soccer is the king of sports, but nowadays there are plenty of betting possibilities and Interwetten decided to follow the stream. They offer now lots of lower leagues from "unpopular" leagues and of course all other "popular" events (NBA, Baseball, Handball, Hockey, Tennis, F1, Winter Sports, Golf etc.). Don't expect though many "specials" for these, they need improvement on this sector. Asian Handicap needs much improvement too.


Interwetten is trying to "reach" the customer. Improves every day, they are always reliable, they won't fool you and they will always try to give the best. Sometimes of course there are some "missing leagues", but the odds compilers are still "traditional". They have an excellent site for betting purposes, there is no possibility to miss a bet even on the last minute and it's a safe choice for every punter that needs credibility, easy navigation and isn't interested for the limits. They are professionals and they know how they should run their business. Their friendly crew will always help you, even if you want to bet through telephone (if it's needed) they will do it for you. I think there is plenty of space for more improvement, but for the moment I am more than satisfied. Review date:08.01.2004, by PARALIAS

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